Make The Highest Protein Frozen Dessert Ever!


With FREEZINda™ you can make the highest protein packed frozen dessert EVER!

Enjoy a guilt free, ice cream like dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings and help build muscle!
So, how does it work?

FREEZINda™ is a dessert mix that goes into a whey protein shake. After mixing in, place your shake in your home freezer, and overnight it'll turn into an ice cream like, frozen dessert. FREEZINda™ is much more enjoyable to consume than drinking a protein shake!

FREEZINda™ is Non-GMO, low sugar, fat free, lactose free, gluten free, low glycemic (low net carbs), and is vegetarian friendly. FREEZINda™ is fully customizable and works with with ANY brand/flavor of whey protein powder - there's thousands to choose from. You can also include additives into your dessert; add your BCAA's, powdered vitamins, creatine, or even fruit!

Choose FREEZINda™ over ice cream and you'll enjoy the benefits above as well as the benefits of whey protein consumption. Start enjoying your protein by ordering a FREEZINda™ 10 Pack for only $29.90 + Free Shipping!


  • Easy To Prepare

    To make your high protein ice cream like dessert, make a protein shake with 1 cup water or milk (8 oz) that contains 50-60g in protein (using your own whey). Mix in FREEZINda™ liquid & dry mix. Place in your freezer overnight. You can prepare FREEZINda™ in as little as 30-60 seconds (*requires freezing). It truly is as easy as making a whey protein shake, mixing in FREEZINda™, and placing in your freezer!

  • Customizable

    Use with any whey protein powder - there's thousands of brands and flavors to choose from. FREEZINda™ works with additives. Try making your high protein ice cream like dessert with nuts, fruit, or even consider adding in your BCAA's, vitamins, or creatine. Visit our troubleshooting guide to see how you can make your dessert taste the most like ice cream, to help achieve dessert perfection!

  • A Healthier Choice

    With FREEZINda™ you can make the highest protein packed frozen dessert EVER! Enjoy a low sugar, guilt free dessert that will: build muscle, satisfy sweet cravings, keep you hydrated, stabilize blood sugar, boost energy levels, and increase metabolism, while burning fat. Visit our benefits section to learn about how FREEZINda™ is a smarter and healthier option compared to ice cream.