4 Ways To Properly Use Whey Protein Powder For Your Health Needs

By: E. Dawnn | Last Updated: March 07 2018 | 

Whey protein has been shown to be beneficial to both men and women, helping them to lose fat and keep muscle mass as they lose weight.   However, before you go out and purchase protein shakes, you should learn how to properly use it. The idea is to balance your diet with protein shakes without overconsuming them. 

Whey protein powder should be used only in certain cases such as:

  • Meal replacement
  • Snack replacement
  • After exercise meal
  • Before eating out (where overindulgence is a concern)

Meal Replacement

Are you constantly running late in the morning? Do you find it difficult to get breakfast and have a problem facing your day? If so, then a breakfast smoothie may be your answer. Just add some protein powder in with your preferred liquid and ingredients to have a nutritious way to fill up in the morning.

Snack Replacement

Since protein has a tendency to make you feel fuller for longer than any other kind of food, it’s ideal for a snack replacement. For example, you may have a hard time avoiding the late-afternoon, high-sugary snack cravings. A protein shake can be your best friend here.

After Exercise Meal

In order to stay healthy, you must partake in some type of exercise. You can’t just expect a protein shake or two to help you lose and maintain your weight. Consider using a protein shake after you’ve worked out, especially if you have lifted weights for 30 to 45 minutes.

Stop Overindulgences

If you plan to go out with friends or family – for whatever reason – you may be faced with a plethora of unhealthy choices to eat or drink. However a whey protein shake before heading out can curb your appetite a slight bit and keep you from making wrong decisions about your food and drink choices.

How To Properly Use Whey Protein Powder

Men may use up to two scoops per shake whereas women are advised to use just one scoop. Make sure you still eat regular foods along with a whey protein shake. Protein powders need to be considered as a supplement to regular food, even if your goal is to lose weight. Regular food consumption will help your body to get the fiber, minerals and vitamins it needs to “face your day.”


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