Formula - Update #1

Just wanted to provide an update regarding FREEZINda!

The formula is nearing completion, hoping to select the final formula within two weeks. The popsicle formula is also undergoing testing and the final formula will be selected soon as well. As you can see in the attached picture, my dog Buddy is working very hard as a taste tester. He loves to show his daddy which formulas he likes the best!

Buddy Eating FREEZINda

Starting this business from ground zero has been overwhelming at times, but I am confident in FREEZINda and I am truly excited to share it with the world! After selecting the final formula there's still a lot of work ahead before handing out free samples and getting customer feedback! Some upcoming work includes: finalizing the nutrition label, getting approval from the Florida Department of Agriculture, purchasing pouches, video shoots, photo shoots, package design, and much much more! 

I'm working as hard as I can to bring you the best product available. So, sorry no shortcuts will be made! Patience is a virtue :) I am branding FREEZINda with the utmost professionalism in mind. I would like to thank my true friend and intellectual property attorney Chris Paradies (Paradies Law PA) for all your hard work and mentoring! I couldn't have done any of this without you. The road ahead is still long, but God willing, I will do everything in my powder to make this seed come to fruition!

God bless,
-James Doyle
Founder, FREEZINda



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