Best Protein Powder Recipe?

What are you opinions on FREEZINda™? Is it a good protein powder recipe? Is it your favorite protein powder recipe? Regardless, we hope your protein powder is more enjoyable to eat as an ice cream like dessert than simply drinking protein shakes.

The origin of the recipe was inspired by love. A love for ice cream. A love for Jell-O. A love for fitness. And, most importantly a love for God. Our goal was to make a recipe that was simple to make, so everyone can enjoy. The first recipe formula was made almost identical to Jell-O. Our thought was to make a dessert that could be placed in the freezer instead of the refrigerator. After using a countless number of ingredients, we realized we could actually simplify the recipe, by not requiring the usage of hot/boiling water. So now FREEZINda™ is as simple as making a protein shake, mixing in FREEZINda™ and then placing in your home freezer! Please visit our directions page for complete steps.

We would absolutely love to hear your feedback. Without your support and feedback FREEZINda™ would simply not be possible. We would love reviews not only on our website but also on Amazon, Google, and even social media. Don't forget to tag us @freezinda #freezinda to help us spread the love! Thanks for your loyal support.

Have a blessed day :)
-James Doyle
Founder, FREEZINda




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