Certifications and Icons

FREEZINda cGMP Certification Icon

Certified cGMP/FDA Licensed

For the highest quality and safety standards, FREEZINda™ uses a cGMP certified and FDA licensed manufacturer.



FREEZINda ISO 9001 Certified Icon

Lab Accredited 

Lab tested by an accredited ISO certified laboratory.



FREEZINda Coming Soon Icons

Certified Kosher and Non-GMO

FREEZINda™ is looking ahead with hopes to obtain Pareve Kosher and Non-GMO Project Verification in 2018.



FREEZINda Low Glycemic Index Icon

Low Glycemic Index

FREEZINda™ contains most sugar alcohols, which are low on the glycemix index, and is a healthier option than consuming traditional ice cream.



FREEZINda Lactose Free Icon

Lactose Free

That's right, FREEZINda™ is lactose free. For lactose intolerant individuals, pair FREEZINda™ with any lactose free whey protein powder to enjoy.



FREEZINda Gluten Free Icon

Gluten Free

Yup, there's no gluten in FREEZINda™.



FREEZINda Fat Free Icon

Fat Free

FREEZINda™ is 100% fat free.



FREEZINda Allergen Free Icon

Allergen Free

FREEZINda™ uses ingredients that are free from all 8 major allergens groups: milk free, egg free, fish free, shellfish free, tree nuts free, peanuts free, wheat/gluten free, and soybean free.