What is "freezinda"?

FREEZINda™ is a 150 calorie dessert mixture that consists of a liquid & dry mix. When you mix FREEZINda™ into a whey protein shake (made with 50 grams protein using your own whey protein powder + 1 cup water or milk) and place in the freezer, it'll turn into an ice cream like frozen dessert in 14 hrs. FREEZINda™ is a yummy dessert replacement for individuals who drink whey protein shakes!

How do I use FREEZINda™?

For directions please visit our How To page for a video demonstration as well the steps. To make, it's as simple as making a thick whey protein shake, mixing in FREEZINda™, and placing in your freezer!

Is whey protein powder included?

No. We believe that most people already have their own favorite type, brand, and flavor of whey protein powder. We thought it would be awesome if you could turn your favorite protein powder into a delicious frozen dessert instead of drinking a protein shake!

Will FREEZINda™ work with my protein powder?

For best results, we recommend using with the #1 selling and most common form of protein powder: whey. If whey is listed in your protein powder's ingredients, then FREEZINda™ will work. Examples of whey protein include: whey concentrate, whey isolate, whey hydrolysate, or any whey protein blends. FREEZINda™ may work with other protein powders as well. Test us out and let us know which is your favorite!

What will it taste like?

All protein powders have varying nutrition and ingredients, therefore, the consistency for FREEZINda™ will vary. Additional factors like type of water or milk used and your freezer's temperature will also affect the consistency. Your dessert will either taste like an icy sorbet or more like ice cream. If you want to make your frozen dessert taste more like ice cream, please read our troubleshooting guide. Regardless, we are confident that your dessert will be much more enjoyable than drinking a protein shake!

How long does it take to make FREEZINda™?

You can prepare FREEZINda™ in 30-90 seconds. However, since FREEZINda™ requires a minimum of 14 hours of freezing (in your home freezer) we recommend preparing more than one batch at a time, so you never run out!

How much frozen dessert can I make?

One pouch of FREEZINda™ helps prepare about 3/4 cup (12 oz) of frozen dessert. We recommend preparing using a 20 oz or larger freezer-safe container (plastic food container) to ensure plenty of room for mixing/stiring.

What is a freezer-safe container?

Most plastic food containers can not only be used in the refrigerator and microwave, but also in the freezer. Such containers are usually made from polypropylene or polycarbonate (a thicker, more durable BPA free plastic). You can also use glass or paper containers if container contains the words "freezer-safe" or has a picture of a snowflake.

Can I use a blender?

Yes. Using a blender will ensure an even mixture of ingredients and will help achieve the best consistency.

What is the shelf life?

FREEZINda™, in it's original packaing, is shelf stable for 13 months. Once prepared (in your freezer), we recommend eating your frozen dessert within 1 month.

What ingredients are in FREEZINda™?

FREEZINda™ contains vegetable glycerin, erythritol, baking powder, sugar, guar gum, and xantham gum. Traditionally to make ice cream, a lot of sugar is required. We sought out to make a healthier alternative by using mostly sugar alcohols instead (about 16g/serving). Sugar alcohols will have less of an impact on your blood sugar level and do not promote tooth decay. Vegetable glycerin and erythritol are easier to digest in comparison to other sugar alcohols which may induce abdominal pain and cause a laxative effect.

When is the best time to enjoy?

Feel free to indulge anytime! FREEZINda™ contains vegetable glycerin, which is a sweet tasting sugar alcohol derived from plant oils; a common ingredient in protein bars. According to recent studies, vegetable glycerin can help increase athletic performance by increasing endurance through hydration and plasma expanding, therefore, FREEZINda™ may be consumed pre-workout.

How can FREEZINda™ help keep me hydrated?

Studies show, according to the U.S. National Institute of Health, consuming the sugar alcohol vegetable glycerin (also known as glycerol) can help with fluid retention, thereby facilitating hydration and protecting against dehydration. Studies show excess consumption may be performance-enhancing.

How many calories are in FREEZINda?™

FREEZINda™ contains 150 calories (only 50 calories per serving). For total nutritional value, please add your protein shake's nutrition to FREEZINda's™.

Can I try FREEZINda™ if I am vegan, whey intolerant, or lactose intolerant?

Although FREEZINda™ is engineered to work with whey protein powder, FREEZINda™ may work with other protein powders as well. We've had success with egg white protein powder and rice protein powder. We'd love for you to test us out, because FREEZINda™ may work with non-whey protein powders (results will vary). If you are lactose intolerant, simply pair FREEZINda™ with lactose-free whey protein powder and water. The FREEZINda™ dessert mix itself is vegan and allergen-free (*contains trace amounts of sulfites).

Is FREEZINda™ kosher, non-gmo, and allergen free?

Please checkout our list of certifications and icons here.

Can I use milk instead of water?

Yes. 1 cup of milk may be used in replacement of 1 cup of water. FREEZINda™ has been tested with skim, non-fat, whole, and flavored milks.

Can I use with casein protein powder?

No. FREEZINda™ does not mix well when paired with casein protein powder. FREEZINda™ works best when paired with any protein powder that contains whey.

Where can I buy whey protein powder?

You can purchase whey protein powder at any local supermarket, nutrition shop, or online.

Where can I buy FREEZINda™?

FREEZINda™ is available for purchase from the following marketplaces: Amazon, eBay, Wanelo, Etsy, Pinterest, freezinda.com, and locally in Florida.

How do I make it taste more like ice cream?

Try the following: 1.) Use milk instead of water. 2.) Try adding more protein on your next batch (example: 5-15g more protein. 3.) Use 1-2 oz less milk (example: 7 oz total milk) 4.) Lastly, use a blender for mixing. Please refer to our troubleshooting guide for our complete comprehensive set of directions to help you achieve optimal consistency.

Can I mix BCAA's or creatine into FREEZINda™?

Yes. FREEZINda™ works with additives. Try mixing with flavored BCAA powder for best taste.

Will FREEZINda™ work with additives?

Yes. Try mixing in fruit, nuts, creatine, or even your BCAA's!

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