Our Story

Hello, I'm James Doyle, the founder of FREEZINda™. I am a 28 year old bachelor who lives near Tampa, Florida. I invented FREEZINda™ because I got tired of drinking protein shakes and knew there had to be a more enjoyable way to consume protein powder. I chose the name FREEZINda™ because it sounds like the words "freezing the" in which I came up with the slogan "Are you FREEZINda protein™". The overall concept of FREEZINda™ was inspired by faith, fitness, and Jell-O.

In Spring of 2016, I gave my heart fully to God because I knew that my life needed change. Being a fan of ABC's television show Shark Tank, I decided to pray earnestly for an invention idea. About a week later, while sweating out toxins in the sauna at my local LA Fitness gym, the idea of turning protein shakes into a frozen dessert suddenly popped into my mind. Shortly later, I quit my day job and started working on how to make this idea become a reality. Over the next 19 months, I've used countless ingredients totaling to over 3,000 pounds of made frozen desert while trying thousands of formulas, before selecting the final one. If I had one word to describe why I was so focused on perfecting the formula, I would say it was hope. Hope for my future and His will for my life.

Fitness has and will always be an integral part of my life and without knowing the advantages of consuming protein, I would have never been inspired to invent FREEZINda™. Lastly, I was inspired by Jell-O and how it's prepared. Last year I won the photoshoot of a lifetime and was able to select the design for the shoot. I love Jell-O so much that I chose a Jell-O bath overlooking Beverly Hills!

James Doyle FREEZINda Owner Jell-O Photoshoot

(Jell-O bath Beverly Hills photoshoot courtesy of Michel Comte via blu E-Cigs)

I eat sugar-free Jell-O almost every day because it has less calories than vegetables. Knowing the advantages for increasing water in my diet, I decided to eat more and more Jell-O. As strange as this sounds, I feel it is more enjoyable to eat my water than to drink my water. Inspired by how Jell-O is prepared and the dietary notion that it's better to eat your calories than to drink them, I was led to invent FREEZINda™.

I think it's time to stop drinking boring protein shakes and time to try FREEZINda™ because I believe it's a much more enjoyable way to consume protein powder! So, what are the future goals for FREEZINda™ and myself? FREEZINda™ was founded upon Christian values. We hope to share our love and joy with millions of people through our product and how we conduct business. That is our mission and we believe that is our purpose. Ingrained on my heart is the desire to find my spouse and start a family. I'd love to adopt children as well. Love, in every aspect of the word, I believe is the reason for anything and everything. Also weighing on my heart is a want to start a non-for-profit. Although I'm a huge advocate for animal rescues, I want my non-for-profit to help the less fortunate. I've been thinking of ideas... One idea is to start a non-for-profit called 'Invent By Grace'. With Invent By Grace, I'd like to create a platform that can pass invention ideas and intellectual property for inmates, to their families. This would provide love and hope and enable them to have a positive impression not only on their families but on the world itself. I'm excited and hopeful to see what God has planned for my life. Lastly, I hope you will support FREEZINda™ because of our strong company values, what we stand for, and because FREEZINda™ truly does tastes great!