To make your frozen dessert taste more like ice cream try the following directions (*requires a blender, milk, and extra protein):

1.) Scoop in about 65 grams of whey protein using your manufacturer's scoop into your blender.
2.) Pour in 7 oz (less than 1 cup) whole milk.
3.) Pour in FREEZINda™ liquid & dry mix.
4.) Use blender to mix evenly for 20 seconds.
5.) Pour into a compatible freezer-safe container and place in your freezer. Ready after 14 hrs.

Simply put, adding more protein, using less milk or water, and mixing in a blender will help achieve the best possible consistency. For further troubleshooting we would like to help you better understand the FREEZINda™ product itself as well as the best method of preparation. When preparing, there are several varying factors that will have an impact on the composition and taste of your frozen dessert. Factors include:

Protein Powder

For best results, we recommend using with the #1 selling and most common variation of protein powder: whey. If whey is listed in your protein powder's ingredients, then FREEZINda™ will work. Examples of whey protein include: whey concentrate, whey isolate, whey hydrolysate, and any whey protein blends. FREEZINda™ may work with other protein powders as well. Results will vary. All whey protein powders have varying nutrition and therefore the taste and consistency of your frozen dessert will vary amongst different whey protein powder brands, type and flavors. If you are not satisfied with your frozen dessert, one easy solution is to add in 5 to 15 grams extra whey protein powder on your next batch. This would bring your frozen dessert's total up to 65 grams of protein! More protein powder will not only make it taste better, but may also help the consistency taste less icy.


FREEZINda™ has been tested to work with different types of water and milk. FREEZINda™ works best when prepared with milk. Regular filtered water will also work well. We don't recommend using water directly from tap. Not only will filtered water taste better and be healthier for you, but it will also ensure that no impurities in the water will affect the composition and structure of your frozen dessert. Examples of filtered water include bottled water, boiled then cooled water, and any water that has been filtered through a filtration device (i.e. water from refrigerators or filtration faucet attachments). All types of milk (skim, low fat, whole, flavored) work. For the best flavor and consistency pair FREEZINda™ with whole milk, whey protein powder, and mix using a blender. Lastly, if your made frozen dessert's texture is too soft adding 1-2 oz more water/milk on the next batch which will make it harder. And, if it's too hard, using 1-2 oz less water/milk on the next batch to make it softer.


All home freezers are set at different temperature levels. The FDA recommends home freezers to be set at or near 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Most freezers have adjustable freezer temperature levels inside the freezer itself. If your frozen dessert is too hard, it may be because your freezer is on the lowest temperature setting. Vice versa, if your frozen dessert is too soft, your freezer may not be quite cold enough. One solution is to change your freezer's temperature level a few degrees.


When preparing your frozen dessert, even mixing of ingredients is essential. Although mixing or shaking will work, using a blender will help achieve optimal consistency. Ensure that the length of blending, mixing, or stirring is long enough until all ingredients are evenly dissolved.

With these factors in mind, we tried our best to engineer the FREEZINda™ formula to work with varying freezer temperatures as well as different protein powders. We are extremely confident and hopeful that FREEZINda™ will work for you! Lastly, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when preparing your frozen dessert:

Milk may be used in replacement of water.

If you can't measure 3/4 cup, simply scoop in about 50-55 'grams of protein' using your protein's manufacturer scoop.

Some protein powders do not easily dissolve in water/milk. Don't worry, if you have clumps it will still work and taste great.

If using water, for best results use filtered water.

If your made frozen dessert's texture is too soft add 1-2 oz more water/milk on the next batch & if it's too hard, use 1-2 oz less water/milk.

Is your dessert too sweet? On your next batch, only mix in about 3/4 of FREEZINda™ liquid. Your dessert will be harder (*may need to thaw).

We are confident that your frozen dessert will be much more enjoyable than drinking a protein shake!

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