FREEZINda - Turn Whey Protein Powder Into Frozen Dessert (Lot of 5)

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Product Description: FREEZINda™ is a 150 calorie dessert mixture that consists of a liquid & dry mix. When you mix FREEZINda™ into a whey protein shake (made with 50 grams protein using your own whey protein powder + 1 cup water or milk) and place in the freezer, it'll turn into an ice cream like frozen dessert in 14 hrs. FREEZINda™ is a yummy dessert replacement for individuals who drink whey protein shakes!

  • Fat free, low sugar, lactose free, low net carbs
  • Prepare in 90 seconds (requires freezing)
  • Helps make about 12 oz of frozen dessert
  • Sold as a 5 Pack ($2.99/each)

Whey protein powder not included. Consume with fluids and enjoy in moderation. Recommended for healthy individuals. According to studies published at the U.S. National Institute of Health, the ingredient vegetable glycerin can increase endurance and athletic performance (performance-enhancing) by helping you stay hydrated when consumed in large quantities. So, enjoy pre-workout or feel free to indulge anytime. Visit our FAQ section to learn more.

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